2005 Mustang Exhaust

So I installed my new exhaust this morning. A few of the mechanics would occasionally walk by and try not to show too much curiosity, but when a new GT is on the lift and I’m putting pipes on it…people tend to stop and ask what I’m doing. Either for the fact that they’re like “WHATRE YOU DOING?!?” (as in you’re ruining an already perfect vehicle…) or, “whoa…what’re you doin?” (as in, wow, let me hear it when you’re done.) So, it’s not much louder than the factory exhaust, which means I’ll be getting an offroad H-pipe, or X-pipe sometime soon. It is, however, much better looking than the factory tipped exhaust. With 3 or 3.5″ rolled, angle cut and upward slanting tips (I can’t tell by looking, and haven’t measured yet) I really really like it’s look. The mufflers and pipe behind are black. Therefor you can’t see anything but the tips. Seeing a big ole fat muffler behind it was very…how should I say it…gross. Here’s some shots of the new pipes. Tint also btw.

Side Shot

Rear Shot

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  1. nice tips dude…

    richard petty | Jun 8, 2005 | Reply

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