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On It’s Way »

So my stuff I ordered for my computer is on it’s way. I ordered a PCI card that allows me to expand my hard drives from having just two, to having 4 giving me a fully functioning 650gb. Rediculous I know. I also got a windowed panel for my alienware case. This should be nice. […]

AT »

Back from Memphis, good times up there. Typed a shortened version of my Appalacian Trail journal I kept this past summer. For those of you who are confused as to what I’m talking about, I hiked some of the AT this past summer. I started at the bottom and made it to Clingman’s Dome in […]

To Memphis »

Onward to Memphis…back tomorrow.

Remix Wallpaper »

Created a “wallpaper” for my site tonight. Created a few actually, but for specific people and requests and whatnot. This is one I made for myself and for use on my computer. Here it is… (click to get fullsize 1600×1200) And here’s a shot of the new wallpaper in use…I know I have a cluttered […]

Something Corporate »

Listening to a whole bunch of Something Corporate this morning. Brings back a whole lot of memories from last summer and last semester and such. I suggest everyone go listen to them. They’re North CD is the best in my opinion. Gone to help my parents move some more stuff out of our old house […]

Gmail Anyone? »

So today’s a friday, I know I’m wore out and tired of this week already, so I’ve got a proposition. I’m going to be really nice and give stuff away. How about a Gmail invitation to anyone who requests one in the comments on this post. I’ve got a few to give away. You’re gonna […]