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Apple makes the Switch! »

So it was a yesterday when Apple, who has been trying for years to get the world to switch from PC’s to Mac’s announced that Apple itself would be making the switch over to PC’s. Steve Jobs has stated several problems that his company has been presented with and that he thinks this move is […]

2005 Mustang Exhaust »

So I installed my new exhaust this morning. A few of the mechanics would occasionally walk by and try not to show too much curiosity, but when a new GT is on the lift and I’m putting pipes on it…people tend to stop and ask what I’m doing. Either for the fact that they’re like […]

Mustang’s Exhaust »

Well, Saturday I shortened my antenna, rewire my sub with at least 8 guage wire, and unbolted my mufflers and left turn downs underneath. Man is this thing loud…wouldn’t really want it any louder. I’d like to put a Mac Offroad H-Pipe (replaces the cats) and a set of JBA mufflers on it, but i’ll […]

PSP Headphone (update) »

Ok, so I posted about my PSP headphones a while back… That’s the link if you’re interested in reading it. In a nutshell I said that the magnets in the PSP headphones were scary. Very good headphones. But when I saw this, I was like “and these are on either side of my head??” […]

Aaron and Kelly’s Welcome »

So Janis and I go to the airport to greet Kelly and Aaron off of the plane and while I assumed there would be a bunch of people there, I didn’t assume it would be like it was. There were probably at least a hundred people there. There were at least two dozen fully dressed […]

Mustang Rear End »

Found out yesterday that by putting a “vinyl” on your car, you can actually make it look better, contrary to popular ricer theory. This vinyl does not claim to make me faster or have more horsepower, contrary to ricer theory, but in fact just make the damn thing look better. The front has always been […]