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Napster »

I saw an advertisement on the side of one site just a little while ago and thought to myself “I wonder what ever happened to the kid that created that program?” Shawn Fanning was his name. After graduating from Harwich High School in 1998, Shawn enrolled at Northeastern University. In January 1999, Shawn dropped out […]

Merry Christmas »

I don’t really care what the news suggests I should and shouldn’t say to people nowadays – regarding the celebration of the winter solstice holiday – so Merry Christmas to all. If you don’t like it, there are 1,000,000,000 other websites to browse.

Firefox Flicks »

If you’re into Mozilla Firefox, have a camcorder, and are the least bit creative…you should consider shooting a 30 second commercial. Why? To promote the best browser on the planet of course. Prize? Of course. Try $5,000 gift certificate to B&H or a 9X Media X-Top Triple LCD or a Alienware DHS 5 media center […]

My Sermons Online »

Ok, so if you miss church on sunday, or can’t get up in time due to being lazy, medical condition, lack of transportation…doesn’t matter. You can hear the word sitting at your computer every sunday and every wednesday. Beware that each typically approaches 40mb or so (they’re around 30mins long) – so if you’re on […]

Playing in 3d »

Played around some in some 3d last night and this morning…came up with a pretty realistic looking texture/skeleton combo. This guy’s bald however, because I never got around to giving him hair. (click to enlarge…oh and if Internet Explorer resizes it to make it smaller, zoom back in) Oh, and noted…my filters I’ve set up […] »

Helped Camp work on his site last night…ended up with a very cool website. Backed totally with php, took us like 3-4 hours. Not too shabby considering what we ended up with. It’s all editable via a web-interface for him, so no coding stuff later, no fancy web-design programs…nona that. check it out (you can […]