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18 days »

Get ready boys and girls Passion ’06 is on the way. Oh, and if you want to, no wait…you should go here and read the 28-day countdown blog…very very good stuff.

They Come in Pairs »

So I’ve been doing alot in FLstudio…they seem to be getting better…maybe there’s hope of creating some awesome stuff later on…actually I really like these two. The Piano.mp3 and vindicated.mp3 – This one is based on the Dashboard Confessionals song “Vindicated”

Two More Songs »

EDITED – One link was a wrong link…fixed. Made two more songs with FLStudio recently…here they are… Schwing.mp3 and Pure.mp3

Send Your Name to Space »

Thought this was kinda cool, have your name inscribed on a microchip that’s being sent out into space….apparently they’re writing really really small…I just hope it doesn’t one day turn into some kind of “alien hitlist” cause I’m on it….zap….in all honesty, once it makes it to the asteroid belt it will probably be obliterated […]

Rat Brains Fly Planes »

So scientists have grown a “brain” from 25,000 neural cells extracted from a single rat embryoand taught it to fly an F-22 jet simulator…this makes me wonder whether or not these “brains” that are eventually developed will learn common sense, or better judgement…will they develop any morals or have sympathy for others? Would they turn […]