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Types of Stop Lights That Piss Me Off »

Stop lights mean well. They really do. Without them the roads would be a lot more confusing and the 30 minute commute to work could possibly take an hour. Sometimes they work as intended freely moving traffic along while preventing massive backups, long waits, and accidents. On December 10th, 1868, the first traffic lights were […]

5 Drawbacks to the iPhone »

A while back I posted about my 5 favorite features of the iPhone…well why be so positive? For every awesome feature the iPhone has it’s got a serious drawback. Every piece of technology has it’s flaws and the iPhone is certainly no exception. Here’s a list of things I think the iPhone lacks in.

Must-Have Software for Linux »

While this list is nowhere near completely inclusive of all software, it is a list of my favorite software for Linux. I broke it down into categories and I plan on expanding on each category in the next couple days. Check back for more posts.

Vixy YouTube Converter »

I’m raving about a website called I rarely do this because it sounds like a shameless advertising plug (I wish…maybe then I’d see some money…). It’s another online FLV converter that claims to be able to “download” videos from YouTube. I figured it would be just like the 20 I’d been to before where […]

5 Best Games While Drunk »

We all enjoy a little activity when we go out to the bars…so much so that there are games and activities that are synonymous with bars and alcohol. I’ve compiled a short list of what I think are the Top 5. It was a tough decision and I even tried to include some runners-up at […]

Slysoft AnyDVD (HD) Cracks Bluray DRM »

A company that has made DVD copying software for some time has officially cracked the BD+ protection on Blu-ray discs. Slysoft AnyDVD (HD)