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Vector Mustache and Beard Pack »

After the success of the Wings Pack yesterday I decided to whip up another one. Instead this time I went with something that can easily be superimposed onto just about any picture of a person – a mustache!! Yep, there’s a dozen of these puppies in this pack. Everything from the handlebar to the fu […]

Vector Wings Pack »

Threw together a little pack this morning while working on a design for an autistic girl and her team “Alyssa’s Angels” that they might be able to use on tshirts or posters. I went with an A and some wings for the design for obvious reasons and after about 3-4 different designs decided to throw […]

Earth Day Wallpaper »

Ok so I know Earth Day was last week. I got busy and it came and went. I made this last week and was waiting for Earth Day and so now it’s gone nobody probably is looking for an Earth Day wallpaper for their computer, but guess what – here it is… 1920×1280 widescreen format […]

Vector Block Shapes »

Working with Katie on a school psychology project of hers I was asked to create a pamphlet that had an identity and information for a sex ed program that she was to make up. I came up with the pamphlet layout and logo/identity and she came up with the filler text and majority of text […]

Shackled Grapes »

So I was looking at some speakers Camp saw on Woot and I saw a section of Woot that was solely dedicated to wine. “Awesome!!” I thought as I began to peruse through the wines and found myself a nice Iron Horse Cabernet. I scroll to the bottom hoping to find some shipping info and […]

The Facebook Lexicon »

Not sure how long it’s been available, but I came across the Facebook Lexicon today. It basically takes the frequency of words on people’s facebook walls and displays them on a graph. For comparison’s sake you can plug in multiple words separated by a comma to see how they stack up. For instance, I plugged […]