July 27, 2016

Daily Renders Spreadsheet

I made a spreadsheet for keeping track of the daily renders as well as putting down ideas that I planned on doing each day. I thought this would be a better plan than just making whatever came to my mind each day for a year because I would have to do things I may not enjoy as much as the day before and I would probably have to come up with new methods of doing certain things or be forced into looking up how to accomplish certain looks, styles, or techniques. So far I’ve had to watch numerous tutorials and try to search how to accomplish things that I certainly wouldn’t have known how to do before I started this 365 day challenge. Sometimes something that seemed easy on first thought turned out to be a real learning experience once I got into that daily render. Some of them I spent 5 minutes on and some of them I spent an hour or longer on. I tried to keep most of them fairly short and you won’t find many animations because I didn’t want to have to wait hours for hundreds of frames to render out.

Feel free to share the spreadsheet and pass it on. If someone asks where you got the ideas from just shoot them a link back to this site!