The Foosball Table
The foosball table tends to be the center of interest here at the apt. Albert thinks he’s the king also b/c he beat me tonight. We then had a shootout and Albert definately wasn’t the king of the table. He’ll argue differently, and claim factors like he wasn’t ready or something, kinda funny…

Also, been working on Ryan Dominick’s Eclipse in Photoshop, gonna make this thing look sweet. here’s what I’ve done to it so far:
Ryan Dominick\'s Eclipse

Uploaded alot of stuff to TeamPheoniks today. Made Dom a member, put up Jack’s new Subaru Baja, changed alot of the dates, and put up some pictures of how to remove the emissions filter in your air-intake piping of a 2005 mustang. Great stuff…I did that today incase you can’t figure that out. Took only a few minutes, but that thing was stuck the hell in there. Seriously, check out the how-to I wrote on it. That’s all for now, goodnight all.

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