No iPhone 3G$ For Me!

iPhone 3GS

So I went to the Memphis in May concerts and my original iPhone got wet. I was pretty pissed off but glad I finally had a reason to trade in my old iPhone for a new 3G one. That was in May. It’s June 8th now and there’s a new iPhone coming out this month. Awesome. The best part about it? I won’t be getting one. Why not? Because I’m not going to spend $700 or even $600 for one – because that’s what it would cost me as an existing AT&T customer. Who’s to blame for this? Apple or AT&T? That’s just absolutely rediculous. They don’t mind selling you a 3G iPhone now for $99 but it’s gonna cost you $700 for a new one if you’re not elligible for an upgrade. :-/

Don’t believe me? Read the fine print.

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  1. omg that’s rediculous lol

    jobshater | Jun 8, 2009 | Reply

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