Alienware Update

New Case Mods

So I spent some money on the Alienware…you’d know this by reading the last couple posts. Case window, HD coolers, memory coolers, rounded cables, and PCI hard drive adapter (to hold more hard drives). I’m holding 570GB right now. I’ve got another 80 running the OS on the “ice cube” computer. This Alienware nows runs cooler than that computer with the round cables and extra cooling I stuck in it. It’ll average 78-80 degrees. CPU though is still averaging 105 degrees or so. Needs to run cooler if you ask me. It’ll run like 95 at idle.

Anyway enough of the temperatures…I’m sure it’s thrilling. Here’s a shot of the current computer case. Incase you’re wondering, the neon inside can be turned off for when I’m sleeping….it’d be hella bright trust me…

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