Apartment Computers

Ever wondered what I post from? No? Yeah, hasn’t crossed most people’s minds. Ever wonder what Mack IM’s from?? Yeah, hasn’t crossed your mind either huh…well, if it has you can check this out: The Apartment Computers. Decided to make a page about them since we have soo freakin many. Oh well, there are 5 fully operating computers. We’ve got one in Mack’s closet that isn’t working, and 4 palm pilots. We didn’t count those since, well they’re not really “computers,” or they just don’t work. Our definition of a computer is an electronic station with screen, CPU, interchangable memory and/or hard drives. These are the 5 that meet that criteria.

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  1. yall are losers…

    if ya motha only knew | Apr 27, 2005 | Reply

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