April Fools Jokes 2008

April Fools Jokes 2008

I’m collecting all the April Fools jokes I come across this year and putting them all in this one post. So far we’ve got Google, Youtube, and Cafepress. Read on to see them all!!

Cafepress Lovematch
Cafe Press is coming out with LoveMatch, a match making social network on their website.

Google Custom Time
Google is coming out with Google Custom Time. Google Custom Time allows you to send emails back into the past using an e-flux capacitor to resolve issues of causality (see Grandfather Paradox).

Google Wake Up Kit
Google is coming out with the Google Wakeup Kit! It includes everything to help get you out of bed, even a bed-flipping device!

Rick Rolled!!
You guys are just lucky Youtube pulled this one off because I was sure gonna try and Rick-Roll some people until I saw this! Youtube has linked every single featured video to the Rick Astley video “Never Gonna Give You Up

Digg April Fools
Digg a story, and get… a random character? (only mathematical symbols, it seems.) Certainly threw me off at first!

Google Australia has introduced a new feature, Gday with MATE, enabling you to search content on the internet before it is created.

More to come as they’re discovered, so keep checking back!! If you have any that aren’t on here, please leave a comment.

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