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XfinityWifi Limited Connection »

I’ve recently been having some trouble connecting to the Xfinitywifi hotspot. I will attempt to connect or after a while will just drop to a “limited” connection in Windows 8.1. If I’m just now connecting it will say “it’s taking longer than usual” and then finally just end with a “limited” connection and have a […]

Rain Sounds »

So I’ve got a Zoom H1 recorder and I’ve been recording things here and there out away from my computer with it and bringing it back to edit them. Does a really great job as a field recorder – totally worth the $100 or so it costs. I’ve got two rain recordings about 4 minutes […]

Customize Samsung Kids Mode Alligator »

I was exiting Kids mode on my Samsung Galaxy S5 and saw that my toddler had somehow opened up a menu that allowed me to customize the little dinosaur/alligator on the second page to the left in the Kids mode. I had no idea it was possible to customize it and change it’s color, clothes, […]

Vertical 1080 Blur Wallpapers »

I got myself a new Samsung Galaxy S 5 and was in need of some wallpapers. There are tons of 1920 x 1080 wallpapers out there but not very many 1080 x 1920 ones (the distinction is important, one is 1080 horizontally while the other is vertical!) so I decided to make a few of […]

Keepass and Owncloud »

Note: Updated for Kypass v.3 I was looking for a way to keep up with my passwords and Keepass is pretty much the most widely used so I decided to give it a shot. Installing it was easy and I had no difficulties there (note: the “professional” edition isn’t a paid version or anything else, […]

Windows Customization: Icons »

I’ve been toying with customizing my Windows PC’s desktop and have encountered an issue that Google didn’t really help me with a whole bunch – how to hide the desktop icon text (or label) in Windows 7. Most websites I came across suggested to rename them using blank characters in the Windows character map or […]