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Common Misconceptions »

This article is up for deletion on Wikipedia and I believe it’s actually a pretty fun read and has some interesting “facts” that a lot of people mis-learn in school or are told wrong when they’re growing up. Anyway… copy/pasting it here in the event it gets deleted. I enjoyed reading it. History Ancient to […] Discs and Review »

I ordered a few discs from DiscGolfCenter before Christmas. I didn’t have anyone recommend them to me and I hadn’t ever ordered from them before. I came across them while searching through Google for different discs. I picked up another Blowfly II (lost my last one…damn!) as well as a 10m Brick, Gremlin GM, and […]

Comments Back On »

Everyone using MediaTemple had an issue with their WordPress and other CMS installations a while back (Joomla, etc) and I thought it might’ve been a security hole in WP but it wasn’t. After I turned comments back on I forgot to set it to where I didn’t have to approve each and every one of […]

Are Jeeps Still “Easy to Flip?” »

When I was looking at first cars in the 90’s the Wrangler always seemed like a fun teenagers vehicle to me but I shied away from them because of the rumors that they were extremely easy to flip and prone to rollover. Is this the case still? Was it ever the case? Are there any […]

More Facebook – Tag Your Friends »

I know I bitched a lot about constantly being tagged in these but seeing as how less and less of my friends are doing it (dunno) I don’t really hate them as much any more. That and I’m getting 150+ hits a day on my last post where I complained about them – I’m going […]

Slice Audio Splitter – Free Audio Splitter »

I searched high and low and the only audio/mp3 splitters I could find were torrented hacked copies of programs that cost $$. I didn’t want to do that and wanted a legit mp3 splitter and thought “surely there’s got to be at least ONE that’s free…” Well there is and I found it. Slice Audio […]