Birthday Present

Been playing with my new birthday present for a few hours now…Need For Speed Underground – Rivals mainly.

Sony PSP

I added that “screen shot.” So those of you who know what that’s from, don’t freak out and think that they actually have the Battlefield series for the PSP…that would be too good to be true. Oh well, NFSU – Rivals is just like the big version and it’s really good, so I recommend it. It also came with Spiderman the movie, but I haven’t watched it. I’m saving it for the trip to Abelene this weekend. And then the trip back to Abelene the weekend after for conference. Two long road trips coming up. And on a track bus of all things. I’m tired still from yesterday and I’m out to bed. Peace

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  1. luckyy……. (napoleon dynamite accent)

    dr seuss | Apr 11, 2005 | Reply

  2. my favorite birthday present is always stuff toy, i always give cute stuff toys to anyone i know that celebrates his/her birthd ‘

    Bottled Water : | Oct 31, 2010 | Reply

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