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Types of Stop Lights That Piss Me Off »

Stop lights mean well. They really do. Without them the roads would be a lot more confusing and the 30 minute commute to work could possibly take an hour. Sometimes they work as intended freely moving traffic along while preventing massive backups, long waits, and accidents. On December 10th, 1868, the first traffic lights were […]

First 5000 – Fusion Update »

Part of: First 5000 – Ford Fusion series. Microsoft Sync So the Fusion I’m doing for this round’s First 5000 has Microsoft’s Sync in it. At first I thought it somewhat a novelty that I might or might not use. I started using it a little bit with the iPhone…calling friends without having to take […]

The First 5000 – Ford Fusion »

The First 5000 is an article series in which I drive a vehicle for the first 5000 miles of it’s life and report to you my first impressions, update you on any shop trips the vehicle makes, and in the end give you an overall summary of what I thought of the vehicle. This time […]

Ford Sport Trac Adrenalin »

A while back there were rumors of Ford building an SVT Sport Trac called the “Adrenalin” in 2007. Well unfortunately it never came to be…on the flip side (even better) it’s not an SVT only truck, but a package that your run-of-the-mill Ford dealer can add to your Sport Trac when you order one (or […]

Maximizing Your MPG »

On my way driving home last night I managed to muster 34.9mpg in my V6 Ford Escape over the course of 30 minutes using nothing but conservative driving techniques. My escape shifts into 4th gear at 45mph and will cruise at a gentle 1500rpm until about 55mph where it sits at 2000rpm. Doing 45 on […]

Mailer Examples »

Threw together a few mailer examples for some people at work showing them how to use photoshop and I figured I’d put them up here and show you guys as well. Nothing too fancy, just an 800×600. The one thing I didn’t put on them was any contact information. Probably would go well in a […]