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Red Hot Chili Peppers – Stadium Arcadium »

Artist: Red Hot Chili Peppers Album: Stadium Arcadium Rating (1-10): 10 Buy?: You’d better! This album marks the ninth studio album by the incredible alternative/funk rock band The Red Hot Chili Peppers. This is quite possibly their best work yet. A double album containing 28 tracks, the songs flow perfectly from one to another and […]

Devendra Banhart – Cripple Crow »

Artist: Devendra Banhart Album: Cripple Crow Rating (1-10): 9 Buy?: Absolutely Devendra Banhart has been around since about 2002. Born in Houston and raised in Venezuela his music has a strong hispanic influence. His voice is very unique in that he has a strong tremelo in his voice – something you will notice immediately when […]

Arcade Fire – Neon Bible »

Artist: Arcade Fire Album: Neon Bible Rating (1-10): 7 Buy?: Yes Arcade Fire is a group from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. They’ve been around since about 2003. Their latest album, Neon Bible, was released on March 5, ’07. The groups first album, Funeral, had earned them enough money for them to purchase a dilapidated church for […]

A Collision »

Ok, so I wrote about this guy a while back and I’m writing about him again because his new CD is the best one yet… Order it here…David Crowder – A Collision. And for a small taste of it…Check it out click here to listen.