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Bose Companion 3 Review »

I got a Bose Companion 3 speaker system from my girlfriend yesterday and they’re hands down the best speaker system I’ve ever had. I used to have a pair of Logitech 5.1 speakers back in the day and they were mediocre for as many speakers as it came with (6…5 satellites and 1 sub. Hence […]

LaCie Neil Poulton External HDD »

The LaCie Neil Poulton HDD has got to be one of the coolest looking hard drives I’ve seen in a long time. Very minimalistic. It isn’t the first cool looking hard drive to come from the company (referring to the Golden Disk, Lego Drive, and this snazzy hard drive.) And for $180 for a 750gb […]

Nvidia Geforce 9800 GTX »

Newegg is officially carrying the Nvidia Geforce 9800 GTX. They have a variety of flavors all for $329. The Pro’s? The thing’s a sheer beast. You can 3-way SLI it and get some serious benchmark scores. What’re the cons? Well besides the $329 price tag, the wattage required to power these things is outrageous. To […]

Blackberry 9000 Pictures »

It’s not out quite yet but there’s some pictures that are! RIM’s been taking on increasingly sharp competition as of late (*cough* iPhone *cough cough*) even in its traditional corporate strongholds. While it’s not as revolutionary (which is what you’d expect someone facing stiff competition to try) as a complete touch screen, it’s a lot […]

5 Drawbacks to the iPhone »

A while back I posted about my 5 favorite features of the iPhone…well why be so positive? For every awesome feature the iPhone has it’s got a serious drawback. Every piece of technology has it’s flaws and the iPhone is certainly no exception. Here’s a list of things I think the iPhone lacks in.

5 Best things about the iPhone »

It’s been something like 10 months since I got my iPhone and they have done a good job updating it and fixing the problems that arise with the phone and adding new features. These range from general security patches to big features like the iTunes Store and GPS for Google Maps. I could talk for […]