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Some PC Ideas »

Another friend of mine is wanting to build himself a computer that he can mix music on and occasionally play a game on. I sent him a 3 lists of different computer parts to build 3 different computers. I put together a list for one cheap PC, one media-center PC and one faster gamers PC. […]

Devin’s PC specs »

Building a friend a budget gaming PC. This is a pretty decent rig. He’ll be hooking it up to his widescreen TV so he doesn’t need a monitor. If he did I’d recommend the Hanns-G 19″ or 22″ Case and Power Supply – $49 Motherboard – $79 Memory – $55 CPU – $52 Video Card […]

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Mississippi State iPhone Wallpapers »

Had an installment of Ole Miss iPhone wallpapers a while back and decided to make a couple MSU iPhone wallpapers. Here they are!

Twitter anyone? »

Does anyone that follows this site use twitter? I’ve just set up my account (years late I know) but alas nobody in my contact lists uses it. Lame. Hit me up if you want to follow some of my goings-ons My Twitter

Dear Media Temple »

I spend a lot of money each month on a personal site that garners only 100-150 unique visitors a day… I know I’m not living from the money I make from this site (not even breaking even) and there’s probably only 3-4 people on the site at the same time at any given moment… but […]