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XfinityWifi Limited Connection »

I’ve recently been having some trouble connecting to the Xfinitywifi hotspot. I will attempt to connect or after a while will just drop to a “limited” connection in Windows 8.1. If I’m just now connecting it will say “it’s taking longer than usual” and then finally just end with a “limited” connection and have a […]

ASUS 27″ VE278Q Issues »

I’ve just found a solution to an issue that’s been plaguing me since the day I got my ASUS 27″ monitor. Occasionally, when moving it from one place to another (LAN party, moving houses, unplugging and tidying up cables etc) I have an issue with one of my two VE278Q’s turning on. At first I […]

EVGA GTX 560ti 448 Classified with Coolermaster Storm Scout »

Was helping a friend of mine put together a PC last night and thought I’d share our experience with the Coolermaster Storm Scout case. It’s hands down the best case I’ve ever seen for under $100. There’s no holes for cable management above the motherboard which is a con, but not much of one – […]

Radeon HD 6990 Length »

Hardocp got their hands on one of the first 6990’s for testing. They’re not allowed to say much about the card itself due to limitations given to them by AMD but going by some of the photos they posted I’ve managed to use photoshop and the ruler tool to figure out about how long the […]

Disc Golf – Disc Reviews »

I’ve been playing a little bit of Disc golf lately since I found a new course very close to where I live. One problem I have is that I just have a few “reviews” of discs to go by online and most of them are the same copy/paste from a manufacturer’s description “this is a […]

Acer Aspire One »

Picked up an Acer Aspire One today from Walmart of all places. I don’t normally shop for my electronics there but Best Buy’s selection was slim to none and Wally-World had what I wanted so I bought it. I needed it small, decently fast, and read more card formats other than just SD. I was […]