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More Southpark Fun »

Found this whilest stumbling today: linky linky and it reminded me of this post that I wrote back in Spring 2005. Back then I had found a website that allowed you to custom create Southpark characters and get a glimpse of what you would probably look like if you were in an episode of Southpark. […]

Flickr Pics – Feb ’08 »

Uploaded some new pictures to the flickr account. A few from when we decided to make Katie a red velvet birthday cake kind of spur-of-the-moment and a really sweet one from when we saw the fog setting in over the lake. Click the pic to check ’em out.

BCS Mailer »

We had a big party at the house for the BCS game between Ohio and LSU. Made this in photoshop real quick with the help of Katie and we sent it out to a couple people. It had detailed info on how to get to my house below it, but I’m not posting that all […]

My Year End Mailer »

Made this today, will be emailed out shortly…

Tom Tom »

Ok, so all these new cars, trucks, suv’s and what have you’s are equipped with all this navigation technology… Do you not think that some of the individuals that coughed up the extra $2,000 for this feature should use it?! Tonight while riding in the car to dinner, I was accompanied by a very intelligent […]

Back up! »

After a month or two of downtime, therantsandraves is back up! I’m not sure if that means I’ll actually be writing more than I was when it was down…but I have the ability, so be on the lookout!