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I ordered a few discs from DiscGolfCenter before Christmas. I didn’t have anyone recommend them to me and I hadn’t ever ordered from them before. I came across them while searching through Google for different discs. I picked up another Blowfly II (lost my last one…damn!) as well as a 10m Brick, Gremlin GM, and […]

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Now I’m not a believer of Karma (in a nutshell – belief that what goes around comes around) but a few weeks ago I wrote a rant about people tagging all their friends in these collage pictures (Facebook: Stop Tagging These) like smiley faces, pinup girls, etc etc…and how stupid/annoying I thought it was. Well […]

Facebook Lite »

Update: This no longer seems to exist. They killed it in a patch at some point. For those of you who haven’t seen this yet there’s a new version of facebook available (In addition to the mobile and full versions) called Facebook Lite. Facebook Lite is a mix between the mobile version and the full […]

Two New Sites »

Just finished up on two new sites for the car dealership I work for. First up: Watson Quality Commercial Sales It’s a Joomla 1.5 site with a customized back-end for people here at the dealership to be able to easily log in, check traffic stats, change pages, etc. Took about 2 weeks from start […] »

So the Southern Comfort Gamers have officially launched a website with forums and clan news and all that jazz. They’ve also got lots of SoCo Gamers wallpapers and Team Fortress 2 sprays for you to download. Pretty snazzy setup for a small gaming clan with no servers of their own.

Fantastic Contraption Catapults »

Had some fun playing this game If you haven’t played it – please do. After I got bored with doing it conventionally I figured out how to make a catapult and decided to blaze through the first ten levels using nothing but catapults to get my little thing to the finish line. Check them […]