Dave Matthews Band – Stand Up

I apologize about the comments on this one, “regular critic,” please watch your language from now on, I don’t want to have to censor people’s comments. People should be free to say what they want as long as it’s clean, and this included asking me who I was to critique the DMB album.

May 10, 2005 saw the release of Dave Matthew’s new album, “Stand Up.” In case you were wondering last album – “can he get any more mellow?” The answer is yes, and this is his response. In comparison to “Crash,” or other older DMB albums, this is the most chill mellow music EVER made. It’s good, dont get me wrong. So good in fact that I went to Bee-Bop and actually bought it. I rarely buy CD’s anymore just due to the fact that you can have friends make them or buy them online or via iTunes just as easily. I went out and bought this one… It’s pretty good. Good looking, black, sheek case and CD. I know how an artists’ style changes…trust me from a first person perspective I know… and I’m wondering what his band’s response is to his mellow change over the years. Have they just changed with him out of need? Who knows. I saw him in concert either last summer, or two summers ago, cannot remember…but it was a very good concert. They really jammed out on stage. There was more energy there than any other concert I’ve ever been to. If I could ask Dave any question it would be “Where’s that energy on your album??” It’s great music, but it lacks to motivate me, and it fails to excite me. Overall – 7/10. It just needs more energy.

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  1. it was two summers ago… 2003.. june i think.. that was a freakin good concert 🙂

    jenn | May 12, 2005 | Reply

  2. who are you to rate someone like Dave Matthews

    music critic = mack henry

    Music critic | May 13, 2005 | Reply

  3. Umm, a consumer? It’s usually my job to like or dislike music and voice my opinion about it. just like it’s your job to comment on my posts! 🙂

    Robbie | May 13, 2005 | Reply

  4. hey music critic, i’ve got an idea, how bout you go play hide and go f*ck yourself

    regular critic | May 13, 2005 | Reply

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