DiscGolfCenter.com Discs and Review

I ordered a few discs from DiscGolfCenter before Christmas. I didn’t have anyone recommend them to me and I hadn’t ever ordered from them before. I came across them while searching through Google for different discs. I picked up another Blowfly II (lost my last one…damn!) as well as a 10m Brick, Gremlin GM, and a Defender. Overall the experience was pleasant. The site is anything but visually impressive. It looks like a basic e-commerce site and has some convenient features like the “Top Sellers” and “Customers who bought this also purchased…” Adding items to your basket took me about 5 minutes to figure out and then I realized that there were instructions on each product page that tell you to click the numbers in the chart to choose your color and weight. This is a fine system and once I knew to do that – was extremely easy, but it took me a few minutes to figure out as I’d never seen a system like this.. it’s usually a dropdown menu or radio buttons and an “add to cart” button. The discs arrived relatively quickly and were boxed up nicely. Obviously that’s more of UPS’s deal, but DiscGolfCenter at least got them shipped out relatively quickly (next business day).

10m Brick

I picked up this disc because I’ve seen it on several disc retailer sites but haven’t ever seen one in person or used one. It’s basically a normal looking disc with a big buldge in the center – as you’d expect it to be from the photos… The idea is that you can lob it – like you would a brick or a stone underhanded – into the basket and it won’t catch flight half way there and veer off course and miss the basket by mere inches. I can’t say it’s my favorite putter – that designation might go to my Turbo Putt or something like the Blowfly II. Still – I’m glad I bought it because I like really unique discs (PDGA approved or not) that show someone was thinking outside the box when they designed it. Will I use it? Probably. More likely when I’m playing with new people so they can see how different discs can be from each other (example: The Wheel).

The Defender is another rather unique disc. It’s got little dimples along the edge for additional grip (and I assume the same theory of dimples allowing a golf ball to travel further was probably intentional, but I can’t say whether or not the principle applies to this disc or not). It was a bit “floppier” that I thought it would be, but isn’t near as floppy as say a Blowfly. It’s made by Quest AT – the same guys that made the Brick above, but is a driver not a putter. They claim it to be the farthest flying driver on the market (if everyone who claimed they had the furthest flying disc actually had the furthest flying disc…). I don’t have any extremely long shots on my course, but I can say that the disc does go really really far and does it in about as straight a line as you can get. They say to throw it with a little hyzer and it’ll do it’s magic. It worked for me. I’m not sure if it’s PDGA approved or not. Will it replace my Nuke as my long-drive disc? Doubtful… but I’ll at least carry it around with me because it seems to be a lot more predictable than my Nuke is.

Gremlin GM

The infamous Gremlin GM. The GM stands for Greater Midrange and is supposed to be a nice balance between a distance and a midrange disc. If you’re not sure which disc to use – pull out your Gremlin. This disc has been around for a long time in one form or another. It was made by Innova for a while and is now produced by Discmania. If you’ve got a couple Sharks or any other cheap Innova discs that you picked up at your local Dicks Sporting Goods or something like that – replace them with the Gremlin and you’ll be more than happy. It’s got a nice grippy feel while at the same time being durable enough to not make you worried about nailing a tree and putting a nice chunk in your disc. I’ll definitely order another one of these soon and plan to have at least 1 on me at all times while I’m out on the course.

I’ve been suggested DiscGolfStation.com and will give it a shot next time I need to order some new discs. Keep any eye out for a review on their site as well as a few other disc impressions/reviews.

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