DJ Santa

This ad was on the side of facebook while I was browsing it yesterday. Apparently nowadays Santa likes his Palm Centro and also likes to remix music… or at least host it on his “page”. What the fuck?… This ad makes absolutely no sense at all. In fact…the picture in the ad looks like they threw santa’s head ontop of some teenage girl texting her girlfriends. And what kind of background is that? StormySkyStockphoto.jpg? Sitting on what appears to be a shopping cart. My mind doesn’t know how to process all of these seemingly unconnected things as a whole image.

Btw, Santa’s remixes suck


So I’ve seen the ad a few more times since then and I decided to click on it…

That’s the ad on the side of Digg. Apparently here he’s playing with his turn tables on the top of some building in a city. He does this type of thing. I don’t see a phone in this advertisement so I’m not really sure they’re appealing to people who may be looking for a new phone.

Since they’re ads make absolutely no sense in promoting a phone and I think it’s hilarious that they metrosexualized santa into this young guy who wears rings on all of his fingers and tight tapered red jeans and an old navy vest…I decided to have a little fun in photoshop and see if I could make them “better”.

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  1. i usually do not download remix music but they i have found out that they are great too.””

    Interactive Whiteboards : | Oct 25, 2010 | Reply

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