Mix – Double Agent

Doing 2 things…testing out a new plugin that will allow you to listen to an MP3 within a post that I create a link to and also just throwing up an MP3 I created in Garageband tonight…Simply click the little speaker next to the link to preview it before clicking the link to download.

Gonna start making small songs and pairing them up with something I come up with in Photoshop. They’ll be listed under the Compositions category. They’re probably not going to be very elaborate or very long but they’re fun little dillies…I’m going to then throw it on repeat and photoshop something in my standard R&R 466×250 size while it’s playing…just the first thing that comes to mind. Just seems like it will be a fun creative exercise to do every now and then to keep me sharp.

Double Agent

Robbie Watson – Double Agent.mp3

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  1. I’ve disabled the mp3 player plugin. It added a small icon next to all links to mp3’s on the site and was slowing down page load time from around 5 seconds to 9-10 seconds, which is absolutely unacceptable.

    robbie | Feb 1, 2008 | Reply

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