Firefox Flicks

If you’re into Mozilla Firefox, have a camcorder, and are the least bit creative…you should consider shooting a 30 second commercial. Why? To promote the best browser on the planet of course. Prize? Of course. Try $5,000 gift certificate to B&H or a 9X Media X-Top Triple LCD or a Alienware DHS 5 media center PC.

If all this doesn’t entice you, then do it for the love of your favorite browser. If I manage to get one put together before the deadline, I’ll be sure to share it with the rants and raves regulars.

Here is the link: Ad Contest

Another note – you cannot mention poker in a comment now, I’m tired of moderating so many, it will just obliterate it on click of the submit button and I will never see it.

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  1. entered

    spielberg | Dec 26, 2005 | Reply

  2. Awesome blog you have. I enjoyed reading it this evening.

    TreeFrog | Feb 21, 2006 | Reply

  3. Kewl blog you got goin on up here.
    Peace, JiggyWittit

    JiggyWittit | Mar 6, 2006 | Reply

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