Well, Alisha (my car) got herself a flat yesterday. I get back to the apartment and I’m unloading stuff and I hear a “pssssss…” I look down and the back right is completely flat. I was angry as you can imagine. I had to drive to Taco Bell last night on a donut. For all they know, I’m officially one of those people that has been driving around on a donut for months cause I’m too cheap or too lazy to get a new tire. They don’t know it happened mere hours ago. With the mindset that everyone is staring at my now crippled car, it was embarassing to say the least.
Flat Tire

And on the way to work yesterday morning, I saw 6 military helicopters flying in a row…weirdest thing, makes you think the end is near almost. I took a picture. May not be the smartest idea while you’re driving, but hey, I’m good.

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