Kubuntu with Parallels Problems Solved

Kubuntu on Parallels

So I decided to install Kubuntu today on my MacBook Pro with Leopard and play with it for kicks and giggles. I used the same program that I run Windows XP on my MacBook with – Parallels. I ran into one problem the whole time: it wouldn’t go any higher than a 1024×768 resolution. This was killing me because my laptop has a 1920×1280 resolution and when I went fullscreen with Kubuntu it was only covering a 1/4 of the screen dead in the center. I initially went to the System Settings and tried to change the screen resolution there but the limit was still 1024×768.

I searched and searched and searched for something to help me out on the Parallels forums. No avail. I finally found a post where someone using Ubuntu was having resolution limit problems as well. I decided to give what worked for him a shot and ignore the fact that I was running Parallels.

During my snooping around with Parallels I discovered that I could add resolutions so I did this by clicking “Edit” and then “Virtual Machine” when the virtual machine (Kubuntu) was stopped. I then added my 1920×1200 resolution to the list.


Next I opened up the terminal (Konsole) and typed this in:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg


I then selected Vesa as my device and when prompted with the resolutions I checked on 1920×1200 and saved it.


I stopped the virtual machine and closed Parallels completely. Upon rebooting of Kubuntu my resolution was set to 1920×1200 in fullscreen. Woot! Hope this helps some of you figure it out, too!


Another problem I ran into once it was up and running:
If you’re running Kubuntu 7.04 and when you try to play an MP3 in Amarok, try opening up the terminal (Konsole) and type this in:

sudo apt-get install libxine-extracodecs

Continue by typing Y for yes when prompted.

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