Disabling Daytime Running Lights

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How to disable your Daytime Running Lights (instructions with pictures in the link)


1. Remove the upper and lower steering column covers (6 screws ). Removing the trip reset button connector is recommended.
2. Remove the instument cluster cover (four spring clips, pull toward the steeing wheel, do not pull on the instrument shroud, only on the sides).
3. Remove instrument cluster (4 screws).
4. Remove the two lower column cover mounting brackets (4 screws).
5. Gently remove the instrument cluster, disconnect connectors (2).
6. Two machine screws hold the Switch Pack module to a dash bracket. Don’t drop them!
7. Gently pull out the Switch Pack module.
8. As part of the harness you will see a green wire with a connector. Pull the wires appart and secure the loose ends with tie wraps to the harness.
9. Test and Reassmble. Be careful with the instrument cluster connectors and cable routing.

Now your headlights work like an ’05.

Why? My car is hard enough to see – DRL helps me not get run over!

This might be something you want to do if you’ve installed HID low beams – The low beams go on when you turn the ignition switch, then go out when you crank the starter and boot up again when the engine starts. Not good for HID life…

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  1. Hi – Just trying to replace my hazard switch on a series one Elise & came across your guide (disabling daytime running lights).
    I took away the steering wheel covers, but I had problems getting the instrument cluster cover off – I tried pulling towards the steering wheel the dark grey curved cover (curves up from around the upper dash grey plastic) but it seem very solid & didnt want to move . I wasnt too sure what you meant by dont pull on the instrument shroud just the sides – I think this is where im going wrong – any chance you can explain a bit more ?

    Many thanks,


  2. admin

    Check the pictures on:

    You can also get to it without taking the cluster out. If you take out the light/ starter panel, you can see the switch pack. Follow the wiring harness, you will see the bullet connector. Unplug it and tape the bare end. I have the worlds largest hands, and I had no problem reaching in there.

    The light/starter panel comes off really easily. 2 phillips screws on the bottom of it. Then Push down while pulling the bottom of the panel out. Pops off quite easily.

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