Stereo Options

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This will be edited later on once I finish compiling all the different sources and information.

Subwoofer/Bass Options

Xtec sub in Elise

This guy fit a 10″ Xtec sub in an Elise aimed downwards instead of straight or angled up.

JL Audio Stealthbox

one 10W1v2-4 subwoofer in a sealed enclosure. 300 watt power handling. Wired for 4 ohm mono load. This guy has a post of how he did it as well as amping the current 4-speakers

Custom Fiberglass Enclosure

uses an 8″ JL audio sub and is hand-laid fiberglass painted to match your car. Enclosure alone is $500 I believe. (Their site)

Headunit Options

Custom USB port below Climate Controls

This is really freakin cool! Great idea and use of existing pieces in the Lotus

Speaker Options

4″ to 5-1/4″ Adapter ring

Allows you to install 5-1/4″ speakers all around

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