Balanced Approach

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So it’s been a little while since I posted anything on here…. and in reality it’s because I haven’t done a whole lot to the Lotus lately. I did manage to get the front and rear tow hooks installed (it was so hard… took mabye a minute a piece!) as well as the side rock-chip guards in front of the rear tires.

I’m on Sector111‘s newsletter and they had a really good section though on a balanced approach to tuning your vehicle. I’m going to host a copy of the image here in case it ever gets removed from their server or replaced next newsletter or something like that. It’s really smart and a good place to start when tuning your vehicle – no matter what kind of car you drive. (Ok so maybe Fred doesn’t need a fire extinguisher and roll-cage yet, but safety and then handling is a good place to start before strapping on a turbo!) It prompted me to create one for HTP so that we could have a more universal version that we could all apply to our own vehicles. I’ve attached it below. Thanks, Sector111 for the idea!!

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