Sector 111 re-ENFORCER Install

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So the install notes are pretty cut and dry and sound very simple. If you can get your center console out – that may be the hardest part of the whole bit. Luckily I was installing a new carbon fiber console from Sector 111 as well so I did the re-ENFORCER install while I had it off. (Don’t know what it is? Click here to see and pick one up)

The factory installed shifter base is mounted to a semi-flexible floor extrusion. This inadequate foundation allows the shifter base to flex back and forth during aggressive shifting. This solution bolts down the shifter base and sandwiches the floor extrusion using a high-strength plate. Keep it stable, and improve your shifter’s performance.

I was very wary about drilling into my car and the one question I had was “really? Drill all the way through the bottom of my car?!” to which the answer is a resounding YES! I know you probably have installed it yourself because you weren’t wanting to drill into your car and do anything too permanent but I was the same way and now that I’ve done it I would do it to every single Lotus E-whatever I ever own.

Follow the instructions that Sector 111 gives you: Here (PDF)

If you have any trouble figuring out how to remove the center console – check out the instructions for installing the carbon fiber center console Here (PDF). They make it pretty simple.

Follow the instructions to remove the one bolt and use the supplied drill bit to drill the two holes in the locations that the Sector111 directions tell you to.

Yes, literally all the way through to the bottom of the vehicle. Literally. Don’t think about it, just do it! It’s easier to have a person up top hold the bolts as you feed them up from the bottom through the supplied plate they give you. I didn’t have a second pair of hands so I make a quick use of some duct-tape to hold it in place while I hand-tightened the nuts from above. It works but trust me – get your friend or spouse to hold them for a minute. You’ll also have to rig up a ratchet up top to hold the nut while you tighten the allen-head below.

In the end you’ll be so incredibly happy you did this… it tightens up the steering feel and makes it all feel much more solid. It’s like you’re taking 10,000 miles off the car. Don’t think about it just do it… you won’t regret it.

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