Sector111 Carbon Fiber Console

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The install is just like the instructions say (Here – PDF). I did this mod at the same time as my re-ENFORCER kit to minimize the amount of times I had to take it all apart. The hardest part was the cigarette lighter aka “cup-holder” section. It was a bitch to get out but I managed to finally work it loose using flat-head screwdrivers and used a pocket knife to file down a little bit of plastic to get it to fit in the new carbon fiber piece (the hole is pretty damn close in size but since it’s hand-made you can’t really expect it to fit 100%). It says that it’s strong enough to not need the screws in the side below the shifter like the plastic piece did but I didn’t like that idea. I use some seriously heavy duty commercial grade double sided tape on the metal L-shaped pieces that the tiny screws once screwed into (they have yellow screw-tabs on them once the console is removed… easy to spot) and since they are touching the new carbon fiber piece on the inside, the tape works perfectly.

One thing the pictures don’t show you is a seam running down the middle of the console. It had some black tape on it (not sure if it was supposed to stay on or not) but I pulled it off and rather enjoy the seam now. It was more of a “I wasn’t expecting that to be there…” than an “I don’t like that…” See for yourself! Thanks again for another great product, Sector 111! (PS – you can see the carpet buttons as well… another quality S111 product!) If you want the console for your Elise/Exige then head over to Sector 111 and grab one!

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