New Braille Battery and Switch from Sector111

Sector111 has come through again (starting to see a trend here?… hope I don’t start sounding like a commercial… ooh maybe they’ll put me on the payroll!) this time with a new Braille B2015 Battery ($149) and their bracket with a kill switch (the Xtender – $84) to keep it from running down the battery during periods of storage. This will come in handy when I leave midway through July for 20 days in Europe.

The negative end of my cables on the Lotus was too small to work with the Xtender out of the box. The extension cable from the Xtender to the battery worked perfectly but my negative end wouldn’t fit over the new Xtender terminal. I was prepared to cut it off and crimp/solder on a new eyelet so I tried drilling/boring it out first to fit (you’ll need a 3/8ths eyelet on your negative cable to fit inside the Xtender out of the box). I managed to make the opening large enough to fit it without having to change it out.

If you are having trouble – give a drill a shot and see if you can’t drill it out to 3/8ths. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO USE THE POSITIVE LEAD INSTEAD. I considered it briefly since it was a little bit larger than the negative but the Xtender is not designed to support the power running through it from the positive lead. Only use the negative lead like the instructions say to. The Xtender is a great alternative to getting a trickle charger.

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