Recent Page Additions

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I’ve recently done a lot of research and added three new pages to the Project Elise Blog which you can find at the top.

There’s the new Closest Racetracks section that has a few different road coarses listed that are possibly within driving distance from where I live. These range from 3 hours away to 8 hours away. Yeah… I’d definitely be taking the Lotus on a trailer 8 hours away… my back cries out for mercy after 2 hours.

Then there’s the SCCA Info page that’s got information about preparing your Elise for SCCA Autocross racing as well as some links to the Mississippi region forums and some Lotustalk threads regarding Autocrossing the Elise.

Finally there’s the Wishlist page. The wishlist page is just basically a place where I can keep track of what I want for the Elise, what I’ve already got, and how much stuff is going to end up costing me. It’s also a decent place for people to go and see what other people are doing to their car (me) with links to those items.

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