The Elise has… Ford parts?!

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You read that right… Ford parts! Not just a Toyota motor any more… if you pop your boot lid and crane your neck to the backside, you’ll see a release mechanism with a Ford logo and part number stamped right on it. The part number is 3R23-N432102-AA. I did a quick google search and came up empty handed (that rarely happens) so I’m pretty much guaranteeing this post to be the only result you’ll find. Here’s a shot of the part (sorry for the low quality… it’s hard to read as-is)

The closest part I could find was a hatch release for a Ford Mondeo on a Swedish site (scroll down to W24602). Even doesn’t have the part and instead asks that you call a 949 area code number for the part. Below is the Ford Mondeo hatchback part.

I’m not saying it’s a replacement but it doesn’t seem to have the remote-release cables that the rest of the latches I’ve found have and it looks really damn similar save the top right part of it being slightly different – the bolts look to be in the same place as do the latches themselves. If you’ve got a Ford Mondeo hatchback and a Lotus Elise – let me know if they’re interchangeable!! I honestly doubt any of my readers have both of these cars but one could only hope.

I find it really fun that we’ve got a Ford part on our car and next time someone asks “Hey who makes that?” I’ll have to add “Ford” to my list 🙂

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  1. It also has a lot of Gm parts as well, from the hubs off of an Opel Astra, as well as a lot of the interior components from Vauxhall

  2. True that – it sure does share a lot of parts with the Opel Astra and the Vauxhall VX220. I wouldn’t call them GM parts since they were actually built on the same production line in Hethel. The Elise S2/Opel/VX220 shared many parts, including the chassis, although they have different drive-trains and power-plants.

    Cheers! Thanks for the feedback!

  3. Except those part Gm parts bins parts used were from the very old Astra/Corsa from the early 90’s. Long before the VX220 was conceived.

    These were off the shelf items from Gm. Nothing bespoke to Lotus about them.

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