Xtender Works Great

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Sector111 Xtender

Back from Europe 23 days later and the Elise which remained parked in the garage the entire time started right up! I was concerned about the new race battery not holding it’s charge long enough but the Xtender which basically disconnects and reconnects the battery with a large switch kept any power from being drained. Obviously it works as expected I’m just glad it was such simple plug and play.

I highly recommend it. Buy the Xtender if you’re going to buy the Braille B2015 Battery from Sector111.

On a side note… my car now beeps once when I unlock the car and twice when I lock it. It also beeps one long continuous beep if the trunk lid is open (found that out on accident) and several times if the alarm has been set off. It didn’t beep before so the Viper backup battery must’ve drained out completely and reset itself and it’s settings. Sweet! I like the beeping… sometimes I can’t hear the doors lock so the beep is reassuring.

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