Lotus Racing Wallpapers

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Since Lotus Racing will be no more in 2011 and they are changing their name to Team Lotus. I’ll whip up a few more of them once Team Lotus swings into next season.

Here are a few tidbits of info regarding that situation:

– From 2011 onwards, Team Lotus will have no connections to Group Lotus, the road car company

– Team Lotus name was owned by David Hunt, (after the demise of Team Lotus in 94), but now Tony Fernandez – the current F1 team owner – bought the rights to it as of Sept 14.

– Danny Bahar and the Ferrari-zation of Group Lotus happened after the initial agreement between the current Lotus F1 team and Group Lotus, but Bahar and co wanted to scupper it.

– Group Lotus has strong motorsport ambitions of its own (Indycar sponsorship, and GP2/GP3 cars next year), and possibly fielding its own team in F1 in the future

– Group Lotus dropped the bombshell on Fernandez that they wanted to end the license agreement after this year, even though they had a multi-year deal. However, Fernandez had been negotiating with Hunt for the Team Lotus name for some time. Fernandez reckons that Group Lotus did not know that he had the Team Lotus card up his sleeve.

Here are a few 1920×1080 widescreen wallpapers

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