Lotus Vector Logos

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I’ve assembled some vectors for use when creating floormats, stickers, signs, websites, etc. They’re available in EPS format and in Adobe Illustrator format. These were both made in Illustrator CS4 so if your version can’t open it – well then upgrade your Illustrator/Photoshop!! Just kidding, but most of the latest versions of Photoshop and Illustrator should be able to open and use these. Post a comment below if you’re having trouble using them and leave an email address that I can contact you at and I’ll try to help or at least send you some different versions that will be compatible with what you’re using.

The first EPS/AI file is of the Elise S1 and S2 and Exige logos as well as two variants of the Lotus Sport logo.

Lotus Model Vector Logos (Elise, Exige, Lotus Sport) – EPS File (.eps)
Lotus Model Vector Logos (Elise, Exige, Lotus Sport) – Adobe Illustrator File (.ai)

The second EPS/AI is a few variants of the Lotus logo itself. There are two types of logos – one where part of the inner-C is missing and one where it’s not. You’ll see both of these if you look around on Ebay and other sites trying to find badges for your car or merchandise stuff. There’s a black version of the logo, a color version, and a color version with a green stroke around everything.

Lotus Vector Logos (Black and White, Color, Color with Stroke) – EPS File (.eps)
Lotus Vector Logos (Black and White, Color, Color with Stroke) – Adobe Illustrator File (.ai)

These logos are for personal use only and may not be sold individually or as a package. These logos are property of Lotus Cars and Proton Motors and they’re only on this site to further share the enthusiasm for Lotus and their vehicles. If for some reason you feel these logos should not be reproduced here on my website for personal use – please leave a comment below and I will contact you and do my best to come to some agreement. Most if not all of these logos are publicly available on the internet in different formats already and I have simply compiled them and made them available in two helpful formats.

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