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There’s a new Exige on the block and it’s a Cup260 model. Ok so it’s not brand new but I noticed it wasn’t in my collection of Lotus model logos. So I whipped one up going by a picture of a Cup260 I found online. There literally wasn’t a closeup of the logo anywhere to be found so I had to take creative liberty and make it as close to what I guess it looks like up close. I think I did a pretty good job and am pleased overall with the result.

As usual – the file is available in Adobe Illustrator Format and in EPS format. Click the respective links below.

AI: Vector Exige Cup260 Logo – Adobe Illustrator (225 downloads)

EPS: Vector Exige Cup260 Logo – EPS File (218 downloads)

I got to thinking – why would anyone put this on their car if they didn’t have a Cup260? Maybe they have 260 horsepower thanks to some engine work and want to stick on a classy way to tell people that this is no ordinary Elise or Exige. What if they don’t have 260hp… what if they have 240 or even 300!!! So I changed it up a little bit and added a 240, 280, and 300. If you want me to try to create one with your exact hp on it – please leave a comment and let me know and I’ll get in touch with you about doing something. In the meantime – if you want one with something other than 260 – check these out.

AI: Lotus Cup 240/260/280/300 Logo – Adobe Illustrator (213 downloads)

EPS: Lotus Cup 240/260/280/300 Logo – EPS File (235 downloads)

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  1. vectorman

    nice thanks for the vector stuff you keep posting

  2. Thx buddy! Perfect! I was looking for Cup 300 vektor logo!

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