Remote Range Extending

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I decided that my remote’s range was way too short and since I’m OCD about making sure my doors are locked when I walk away – I needed it to work from more than 5 feet away.

BE VERY CAREFUL – THE INSIDE OF THIS COMPARTMENT IS SOURCED FROM A CHEESE GRATER COMPANY!! IT IS VERY SHARP! Ok so it’s not sourced from a cheese grater company but your hands will be minced meat if you do not watch the leading edge where you insert your hands. It can cut through flesh like a filet knife. Wear mechanics gloves if at all possible. Do not file it down as this may produce aluminum dust and can be very dangerous if inhaled.

Note: Some members of LotusTalk tape up the edge with thick electrical tape before reaching in. I didn’t do this as I had gloves after the first few knicks.

First Step: Remove the panel below the passenger air vent next to the door. It’s got two phillips head screws that you can see if you look into the cubby.

Second Step (optional): I removed the entire panel with the air vent attached to it. There are two more screws near where the first two were. There’s also an area right in the middle that’s got double sided tape holding it together. There are two clips that also hold it in place – one is close to where it meets the airbag and has a lip that goes up under the airbag – not too easy to get out… just keep tugging on it pulling directly towards you (not wiggling it back and forth as this could break the plastic piece that the clip is attached to). See Step Five image for a look at where the plugs/screws/tape are on this piece if you wish to do it like I did it.

Third Step: Unplug the plug from the alarm control box.

Fourth Step: Once you’re removed the plug – locate the antenna wire. It’s in slot #13 and is the black wire on the same end as the pink and green wire. Start pulling it from the top (not the plug end) and loosen it from the bundle. It should only be about 6″ long.

Step Five: Using a butt-connector and crimpers (superior to soldering in automotive uses because it is felixble and not prone to breaking due to vibrations, etc) and add yourself some extra length wire to the end of this one. It does not have to be the exact same gauge wire. I used something like 20ga and a butt connector and added 36″ of wire. Any multi-strand insulated wire will do. You can choose to route this any where you want. Some have run it out the back (windshield side) of the dashboard and up along the A-pillar, some have run it full-length across the inside of their dash to achieve a better signal. Since I had the whole face off where the AC vent was, I decided to weave it along the backside of this and tape it to it. This gives me around a 200′ range.

If you’ve got any questions about this guide or if you get stuck somewhere along the line – use the contact form to shoot me an email and ask for my help. In reality this is a less-than-thirty-minutes mod.

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