Carbon Fiber Binacle and Lidbone from Sector 111

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Recently received the Carbon Fiber Binnacle and Lidbone for Christmas (thanks to my ever handy “wish list” at the top of the site) and absolutely love them both.

The CF Binnacle adds a touch of “I’m not ordinary, I’m exotic” to the car that can be seen from the outside unlike the CF center console I installed a while back. It also goes with the center console and makes yet another boring piece of the interior stand out. It went on in about 2 minutes and is a fantastic piece. It being hand-made CF means that there will be imperfections and each piece will vary from the next. My biggest gripe is about a 2mm spot on the right side bottom that seems to almost line up with the groove of the binnacle meeting the steering column. You probably wouldn’t notice it until someone pointed it out to you and even then you’d have a hard time seeing what I’m talking about. I own the car and I noticed it but probably wont even remember it a few weeks from now.

Carbon Fiber Binnacle

Carbon Fiber Binnacle

The Lidbone is exactly as convenient as I’d imagine it would be. Who else can’t open their trunk with one hand? I know that it also serves as an engine prop rod – which most cars require two hands to open and raise the prop rod, but when I’ve got a bag full of groceries or beer in one hand I don’t want to be forced to sit it down so I can open my trunk. It automatically locks in place when you raise it up to it’s full height and is easy to lower once you’ve emptied your contents into the trunk.

Cons: It rattles when idling. I probably just need to tighten the bolts up a bit. It didn’t come with any paper instructions… rather it had me go to their site to download the instructions. Any basic engineering skills could help you figure out how the thing assembles (it’s only three aluminum pieces) but I wanted to be sure one wasn’t turned around backwards or anything like that. I am also concerned about the amount of engine movement the engine sees and whether or not having the engine now connected to the body if that will cause some wear on the hinges of my boot lid or what have you.. I’ll be contacting Sector 111 shortly and posting on the LotusTalk forums to find out if it’s an issue that I should concern myself with at all or if the sliding hinges move and don’t cause the boot lid to move with it.

Sector 111 Lidbone

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