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Just a reminder – when you start to purchase aftermarket products for your Elise/Exige, remember that there are the “little guys” out there that are in constant communication with the various Lotus communities out there and are listening intently for feedback on their products. They don’t have a multi-million dollar setup and manufacture products for 11 different brands of vehicles… they have the same passion and drive for Lotus that you do and most of the time hand-craft their models and prototypes and work tirelessly to get it just right by listening to what people like you want.

Support your specialized Lotus aftermarket vendors!

Click Here to check out our list of various companies like Difflow, RLS, Sector111, etc. I put these here so you can find the stuff you’re looking for quicker and to make sure you get your carbon fiber bits, your aero bits, your exhausts, all your mods from people who care that you’re really really really satisfied instead of worrying about how much money they make off of you.

Anything I’ve purchased from someone in the righthand side under Links I’ve been more than happy with and if I haven’t been, they’ve taken care of it for me and made sure I was happy in the end.

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