Lotus Esprit Vector Logos

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Lotus Esprit – one of the greatest Lotus cars ever made – featured in films from James Bond to Pretty Woman. Saw a request for the Esprit logo from the back of the Lotus prototype that was unfortunately axed and … Continued

Lotus Racing Vector Logos

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Found an older thread on Lotus where I’d actually posted a couple previous vector versions of Lotus logos and Lotus models emblems and saw that it’d had a few requests for other Lotus logos that I hadn’t seen. Here’s a … Continued

Vector Silhouettes

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I enjoy putting my graphic design ability together with my love for Lotus cars. When I do – stuff like this typically comes out and I like sharing it with people so here it is. There was a thread over … Continued

Juciest Drama on LotusTalk

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Lotustalk, formerly Elisetalk, is a message board where people from all over the US (all over the world really, but SELOC.org is where you’d want to go for more discussion about the European models) can talk about Lotus, their various … Continued