Juciest Drama on LotusTalk

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Drama Threads on Lotustalk

Lotustalk, formerly Elisetalk, is a message board where people from all over the US (all over the world really, but SELOC.org is where you’d want to go for more discussion about the European models) can talk about Lotus, their various vehicles, and discussions on how to fix their cars and share their suggestions, stories, and sometimes drama. There’s been plenty of drama on the forums in it’s history and drama threads always tend to be really really juicy over really small petty stuff. For some reason I’m drawn to them like flies to a bug-zapper and I know I’m not the only one because some of these threads are linked to and talked about still today! I’ll try and link to a few that I think are the juciest of jucy and if you’re familiar with any others, feel free to leave a comment!


Stan and his shifter mod, forum recognition

Stan was a very active member of Elisetalk back in the day and had quite the following of fans for his detailed instructional posts and helpful advice. Unfortunately he had multiple run-ins with the moderators and was banned. Sandsmuseum is a website that offers great documentation on things like how to remove your front clam, how to change your oil, and one about how to stiffen the console while shifting. One of Stan’s fans suggested that the owner of Sandsmuseum credit Stan for his “invention” of the shifter-modification. Shit hits the fan.


Monkeywrench Racing Turbo Nightmare | My Stan Nightmare, another year & $4000+ Lost!

Lotus F1 is a member on Lotustalk but previously went by the username 1FASTMX5 and had sent his vehicle to Monkeywrench Racing for upgrades and a turbo install. As you’ll see from the pictures, everything went wrong. MWR’s job on his Elise was one of the worst of the worst. Everything from using the wrong coolant, leaving exposed wiring, hacked up wiring harness, exhaust manifold leak, missing bolts, and shoddy welding. In the second thread you’ll see that Lotus F1 had gotten his car back after the engine had blown and had decided to let Stan from the forums work on it for him. In no time at all he was receiving bills for diagnostic fees even though it was just a simple “install this” job. After about 8 months of sending him money for labor and reassuring emails back and forth, Stan tells him that he’s going to need to send another 50-60 thousand dollars to fix the job. Shocked, Lotus F1 goes to Stan’s to see what the progress is so far and is shocked to find literally everything torn apart, nothing labeled or organized, and pieces that were “completed” months ago still in shambles on the garage floor.


Ok Ready For Some More ABUSE !

This one isn’t too juicy but just goes to show how quickly a thread can turn to shit. Chupee1 applies a carbon fiber look to a few pieces of his car through a process of HydroDipping or Water Transfer Printing. He’s instantly called out and flamed for trying to look the part of having lighter-weight carbon fiber parts but being too cheap to bother buying actual carbon fiber parts. He points out that most people who make carbon fiber parts make poor quality or charge too much and in no time people are bringing up his previous posts, criticizing his grammar, and suggesting he get everything painted plaid next time.


Give Jay HASS some credit!!!

Jay Hass hasn’t been seen on the forums since about 2006 and was selling turbo kits for the Elise. There were several instances of engines blowing up or needing much more additional work after Hass installed turbos on their cars. Scottyb was an unfortunate victim and fortunately for us sitting here with our popcorn – was extremely vocal about his dislike for Hass and Hass was just as happy to spout off back at him. It’s really unclear whether or not it was due to Scottyb playing with his engine tune or another Hass turbo install gone wrong mechanically. Either way it spilled over into an entirely new thread where Scottyb was calling for Hass to be dealt with by the moderators. Fortunately Turbophil from BOE Fabrication posted a thread where he was salvaging one of these Hass turbo cars several years later for a customer who bought one unknowingly.


Set Ronin Free?

Last but not least, what would a list of drama from Lotustalk be without mentioning Ronin? Ronin is a character and a huge speed enthusiast. His elise has been featured on websites, in magazines, and even by Youtube channel /DRIVE (see the video here) which is basically the poor-man’s Top Gear show. He kind of has a brash personality and can come off as insulting, rude, or arrogant. He’s since moved to LotusSport.org (if you have thin skin, steer clear of those forums). He just poked and prodded too much and caused too much rocking of the boat at Lotustalk and was suspended but never fully banned according to Randy Chase. The good juicy threads were unfortunately deleted from public view so there’s not a whole lot left to sit and eat popcorn while reading. Needless to say his name is still brought up on LT when it comes to outrageous builds or banned personalities.

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