Lotus Esprit Vector Logos

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Lotus Esprit Vector Logos

Lotus Esprit – one of the greatest Lotus cars ever made – featured in films from James Bond to Pretty Woman. Saw a request for the Esprit logo from the back of the Lotus prototype that was unfortunately axed and decided to crop, skew, and resize the image and make a quality vector version of it. After I made it, I realized that there weren’t any vectorized Esprit logos anywhere to be found on the internet. There are great clean examples of the logos on places like Lotus Esprit World, but the images are tiny at best and wouldn’t be used for decals, embroidery, signage, or anything requiring a larger version.

This collection of Lotus Esprit vectors includes logos from a bunch of different types of Esprit’s ranging from the older first generation to the new prototype. The ones you see above are in the file. If you’d like one that’s not included, just leave a comment and I’ll see if I can’t find a picture to go off of and will update the vector files to include it. They’re available in Adobe Illustrator format and EPS format.

AI: Lotus Esprit Logos - Illustrator (617 downloads)

EPS: Lotus Esprit Logos - EPS (504 downloads)

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  2. Mark Nelson

    Looking for a lotus esprit decal. Just the esprit in decal.

  3. RWBronco

    Mark, you can take these vector files to a local sign shop and have them cut you out a few vinyl stickers. If they won’t do it because of copyright reasons or you can’t find a local sign shop, check on LotusTalk and see if there’s anyone on there selling what you’re looking for.

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