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Lotus Silhouettes

I enjoy putting my graphic design ability together with my love for Lotus cars. When I do – stuff like this typically comes out and I like sharing it with people so here it is. There was a thread over on LotusTalk that ended up talking about changing the Lotus Sport logo to have the shape of an Elise or an Evora on it instead of the standard Exige shape. I modified that shape to be an Elise when I redid the website a little while back for the new Project Elise logo. I decided to make an Evora silhouette shape as well and came up with what you see above. Feel free to use this for whatever you’d like – you don’t even have to credit me for creating them… just don’t sell the vector files themselves. Feel free to put it on merchandise to sell though – just not the file or variants of the file.

Click Here to Download the AI File: Lotus Silhouettes AI (335 downloads)

Click here to Download the EPS File: Lotus Silhouettes EPS (320 downloads)

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