Juciest Drama on LotusTalk

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Lotustalk, formerly Elisetalk, is a message board where people from all over the US (all over the world really, but SELOC.org is where you’d want to go for more discussion about the European models) can talk about Lotus, their various … Continued

Sector 111’s Blog

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Just came across Sector 111’s blog and have been reading some really great stuff in maintaining your car, preventing easily avoidable accidents, and other great stuff. Here’s a selection of some articles I’ll be bookmarking for later keeping! Have you … Continued

Just a reminder

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Just a reminder – when you start to purchase aftermarket products for your Elise/Exige, remember that there are the “little guys” out there that are in constant communication with the various Lotus communities out there and are listening intently for … Continued